Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday update

I took a little time yesterday to attend the "First Acre Ceremony" associated with the first soil survey being done in Lamar County in I believe 90 years. It was a nice little event with around 40-50 people representing several different groups, agencies, and ag/forestry sectors. As nice as it would have been to already have this survey done several years ago, we will have an advantage in that the project team will have newer technology at their disposal to go about completing the survey. Based on what I saw, it should be quite impressive once it is complete and available in late 2010.

We should finally finish planting our "hill" corn today. One of our employees is going to take over the planter from me this morning so I can run a disc across a few wet spots in one of our creek-bottom fields. If all goes as planned, we'll move the row-till to the bottom this afternoon and let it get a good head start on the planters so the ground will dry out a little more. We will move the planters down there tomorrow morning. If we don't have any breakdowns or problems of another kind, we should have all our corn in the ground by the end of Monday and I can go back and spray the Dual and Roundup over the cornfields on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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