Friday, November 22, 2013

The Last 3 Weeks in Farm Pictures

A lot has happened around the farm the last three weeks, and I feel duty-bound to get you folks caught up to speed. Instead of a long written narrative, though, I'll let a few photos tell most of the story.

We have had A LOT of cows and heifers calve during November. A majority of their calves have been bulls, but that'll get turned around sooner or later.

Thanks to all the "fresh" cows, our milking herd has climbed up to 207 cows. This is the first time we've eclipsed the 200 mark in well over a year.

The switch back to Standard Time means we have the opportunity to see the first light of morning and sunrise every day before we finish the morning milking.

A larger milking herd (and those cows increasing their production) means that we're spending more time in the barn every day. My wife and kids have had to leave for school some mornings before I could get home for breakfast. But on the plus side, more cows = more milk = FULL MILK TANK!!!

Aside from the cows, I've planted quite a bit of wheat and ryegrass for them to graze next Spring...

...I've slung a little "Water 'n Poo" to help fertilize pastures...

...engaged in some Twitter nonsense...

...and we've generally been finishing both the field and milking chores just before sundown.

Though it's cold and lonely in the deep, dark night...I can see to plant my wheat by the GPS light.
(though I did run a little late planting wheat one night)

Despite the long, busy days on the farm, our family has still been able to find our way to Dear Old State for a couple of ballgames.

And the sun comes up again each morning, bringing with it new challenges, new opportunities, and a renewed sense of appreciation for the wonderful life I've been blessed with.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Real-time updates from the milking barn

Thanks to modern technology, I have the ability to share real-time updates about what is happening on my farm to a virtually unlimited audience. My favorite "on-the-go" social network is Twitter, and today I decided to tweet out how many cows we had milked throughout the course of this afternoon. It didn't take long before I started growing bored with it, so I decided I would try to share the information in a more creative manner.

Y'all have a "dairy" good weekend!