Thursday, June 21, 2007

R-A-I-N spells relief!

Well, we have finally had a little rain to fall on the farm. We've had two separate rains, one last Friday evening and one this past Tuesday morning, combining for a total of three-quarters of an inch. While we would have loved more, both times the rain fell slow over a period of time that allowed most of it to soak into the ground. This hasn't exactly "broken" the drought, but it's been helpful to our land at a very critical time. We can already tell the grass is a different shade of green than it was towards the end of last week.

Our forecast for the next few days calls for very hot and dry weather, with temperatures reaching up into the high 90's by the weekend. Extending on out into next week, it is giving a pretty good chance of showers for several days, so hopefully that will bear out!

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