Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dodged the Tornado

When it stays around 70 degrees for a few days in January, you can just about count on a severe thunderstorm brewing up before too long. Well, today was that day. A strong system moving through Mississippi developed into a tornado and caused lots of damage to a dairy in Weir, Mississippi, and to the school at Caledonia (just about 20 miles from here). The same tornado did some damage here in Lamar County, and was projected to track right over our farm. Luckily for us, it weakened before it got here and didn't cause any damage on our place. Nevertheless, it was a very tense few moments around 2:30pm watching the weather alerts on the barn's television while listening to the howling wind, driving rain, and small hail. The cows weren't too fond of it either.

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