Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Late night cattle drive

When the phone rang at 11:48 last night, I knew it could mean only one thing...cows were out. Actually, eight of the heifers in the pasture right next to my house had been spooked or ran through the fence by something and had high-tailed it down the road. After an initial search, we hadn't found the heifers but did find where they tore down their fence. We decided to give finding them one more try before we called it off until daylight. About three miles down the road we finally found them and got them turned back around. Luckily for us, they never strayed from the right-of-way on the way back and we never met a vehicle either. We had them back in their pen about a quarter 'til two this morning. Despite the time of night and the distance, this was actually a pretty easy "cattle drive" compared to some of the wild ones we've had in the past.

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