Thursday, March 13, 2008

Grazing is Good

We've been able to graze our cows on wheat and oats the last few mornings thanks to the favorable weather. This has allowed us to drop the peanut hay and alfalfa from their daily feeding. We've been able to lower our feed costs a little that way, and the cows are actually moving up in production. That's good on both ends of the checking account.

I have a little less than 20 acres remaining to apply N-sol to, that is until the cows finish grazing the 30 acres they are working on right now. I can already tell a difference on the ryegrass I applied the fertilizer to when I first started. Hopefully we'll have a crop ready to harvest before we run out of corn silage, but I'm afraid it's going to be very, very close.

Speaking of corn silage, we haven't bought anything yet for the approx. 70 acres we'll plant this year. It looks like we have enough Roundup on hand saved from last year to do the job, and our other chemical needs will be dependent on whether or not we break the ground or no-till plant it. We're still probably a month away from planting it, though, so we've got time.

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