Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lots to fix

We did pretty well moving our hay out of the field yesterday morning, but things changed after lunch. Not only did an axle break on our hay-hauling trailer, something or another in our dump truck has gone out and now it won't run. Our feed wagon also has a leaky tire that's having to be re-inflated about twice a day. It looks as if we'll be spending a good portion of our time today in the shop!

I didn't walk out in it very far, but our forage sorghum crop looks to be pretty thick, albeit not that tall. It should make for a pretty good crop. As my great-uncle is saying about it, "Someone's going to get tired of hauling that stuff out of there".

We had two dry cows to calve yesterday evening, and now we're are back up to 176 cows in the milking herd.

We're grazing the cows once again this morning. They've enjoyed spending a couple of hours in "new" scenery, and it's helped their milk production a little bit, too.

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