Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Midweek update

The next few weeks should be pretty busy.

Looking at the calendar, in about 10 days we'll have dry cows calving about every day for close to five weeks. We'll also start breeding a group of heifers in early October.

As far as our field work goes, I've spent the last couple of days spraying army worms in what looks to be the best September crop of bermudagrass we've had in a long time. It should be ready to harvest in 3-4 weeks.

We've cut the crabgrass in the two fields directly across the road from our "headquarters". Our intentions were to green bale it and wrap it for heifer baleage, but it's had one inch of rain fall on it (thanks for getting the forecast wrong, weatherman!) and we haven't decided whether or not to let it dry out and then bale it or just leave it in the field to rot. The only money we'll have in it is the cost of harvesting it, so that will make it easier for us to just leave it there if that's what we decide to do. Regardless, we'll be drilling in oats and ryegrass into those fields in the next few days.

We've also hoping to get our dumptruck's transmission fixed, dumpwagon's bed reinforced, and silage pits resurfaced all within the next two weeks. I don't know if that will all happen, but we need it to because we've got to cut our forage sorghum for silage ASAP. If we don't get into the bottomland before it gets too wet, we're going to lose alot of time to being stuck.

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