Friday, November 21, 2008

A chilly day ahead

We're going to remain cold and windy today according to the weatherman. Now, I realize for many folks further north of here that a day that starts around 25 degrees and peaks at about 45 degrees is a walk in the park. But, we're not quite as fond of the cold here in the South and would rather work in tolerable heat (95 degrees & humid) than miserable cold.

Anyway, today's agenda calls for our end-of-week cleaning jobs, getting antifreeze in all the radiators, and more seed drilling (ryegrass this time). Of course, we'll focus on milking the cows and building their TMR batches after lunch today.

Speaking of the cows, they've been declining in milk production for about the last couple of weeks. Perhaps the forages we're grinding have something to do with it, and if so that should turn around when we begin feeding sorghum silage in 2-3 weeks. Their butterfat content and fat:protein ratio is about right and they are all looking healthy, we'd just like to be getting a little more out of the tap. Our milk truck driver said everyone on his routes have been down in production as well, so at least we're not alone.

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