Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's raining in Alabama

Man alive is it wet around the farm!

We've had a little rain each day this week, including a very loud storm that moved through about 1:45am. Even more is expected today, and the weatherman says we won't see rain chances below 50% until next Monday.

Right now we have sorghum that's ready to be chopped for silage. We're also waiting on parts for our silage chopper and dump truck so we can get them in working order. Even if we can get our equipment repaired/serviced and ready to go by the middle of next week there's a chance that the ground will be too wet to operate on. Silage harvest is always a slow process on our farm, so any delay is generally not a good thing.

But there is also an advantage to this weather we're having. The increased cloud cover is keeping temperatures down a little bit, which is in turn allowing our cows to stay in their grazing paddocks virtually all morning. The heat and humidity this time of year is still usually enough to send them trotting to the barns for the comfort of fans and sprinklers, but the overcast sky is making them want to stay outdoors and eat.

Regardless of how much more rain falls on our farm over the next few days, we'll have plenty to keep us busy. And while we're milking our cows twice a day, we hope you'll be enjoying at least three servings of dairy products a day!

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Renae said...

Nice to run across another dairy blog! We'll need some of your rain soon here in Ohio. We're starting to dry up some!