Monday, April 12, 2010

The calm before the storm

It's a beautiful morning here on the farm! The birds are singing, heifers are lazily grazing away in their pastures, and the sunlight is making the dew on our rye fields sparkle. All is peaceful, all is calm.

But not for much longer!

We'll spend much of today furiously preparing to plant corn...servicing tractors, calibrating equipment, and even making a supply run to Columbus. If all goes well, we'll start late this afternoon the really "hammer down" on Tuesday and Wednesday. We have 80 acres of corn to plant, and planting it four rows at a time will probably take a little better than two days.

But planting corn is only part of what we intend to do this week. While some of us are in the cornfield, the rest of us will be preparing our harvesting equipment. The plan is to begin cutting rye on Wednesday so we can begin chopping it for silage on Thursday. And, of course, we'll have to take the time to milk the cows and feed all the animals each day.

So here's hoping for clear weather and no mechanical problems over the next several days!

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Diane Reed Loew said...

WOW - we sowed about 40 acres of alfalfa - it is weird you are planting corn already. We're just hoping for no more snow - ha! Still hauling manure but we won't start corn probably until May. It's interesting to hear about other farmers in different locations. Enjoy your blog.