Monday, October 1, 2012

Roll, Borden, Roll!

It doesn't take people very long to figure out that I have a real passion for promoting the dairy industry and dairy products. And those who know me well can attest that my passion for dairy is almost equally matched by my disdain for all things Crimson Tide. With that in mind,  I feel a little conflicted about what I'm sharing with you today. I guess I'll just have to focus on the good and overlook the bad...

I feel dirty posting this on my blog
Borden Dairy Company is currently running a promotion in which they will give away four tickets to each of the University of Alabama's final four home football games of this season: Mississippi State (Hail State!), Texas A&M, West Carolina, and Auburn.  Check out or their FaceBook page for more details.

Now to quickly take the focus off of 'Bama, let me tell you just a little bit about Borden Dairy Company. Borden owns and operates a milk processing plant near Dothan, Alabama. The dairy cooperative we're members of has a supply contract with Borden, so all of our cows' milk is shipped to and processed at their Dothan facility. From there it goes on to grocery store coolers and your refrigerator in containers stamped with the plant's unique code, "3801". 

So there you have it! If you're a fellow Alabamian or a resident of Mississippi, buy lots of Borden milk products and maybe you can win one of the sets of four tickets to a game in Tuscaloosa. And if you would rather endure an anesthesia-less root canal than spend an autumn Saturday surrounded by 100,000 Bammers, you could always give your tickets away to a friend or a charitable youth organization.  Either way, just make sure you and your family are getting three servings a day of delicious, nutritious dairy products!


Anonymous said...

Roll Tide Will! We may get you in a Crimson jersey yet.

Will Gilmer said...

Nope, not gonna happen!