Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cows, Antibiotics, and You

Raise your hand if you want to serve your family milk and dairy foods that contain antibiotic residues.

Yeah, I didn't raise my hand either.

The subject of on-farm antibiotic use has been coming up a lot in conversations lately. People want to know how it affects food quality and safety, as well as the possible long-term resistance issues that could be associated with their use. As a farmer and food provider, I have a responsibility to both my cows and my customers. The judicious use of antibiotics helps keep my cows healthy, and our quality-control procedures ensure that all of the milk that leaves our farm is safe, wholesome, and residue-free.

I recently wrote a blog post for the Food Dialogues website explaining the steps we take on our farm to strike the balance between herd health and food safety. As you read through it, I hope it clears up some questions you might have about our farm practices and the dairy products you buy.

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