Friday, August 23, 2013

Shifting gears (and forages)

putting the silage chopper back together
Our attempt to bale hay this week as pretty much been a disaster. We were able to get nearly 100 bales off of half of our cut acreage, but it is going to be some really low quality stuff. After yesterday afternoon's brief shower (the fifth straight day of rain), we decided to let the remaining hay sit until next week. Some we will bale and then use as "erosion control". The rest we'll allow to rot down and essentially re-fertilize the fields.

All is not as gloomy as the clouds we've been seeing over and over, though.  The wet weather that has plagued our hay harvest this week has been very beneficial to our silage crops. We have replaced a few parts on our silage chopper and hope to have it back together by sometime tomorrow. Our plan is to chop just enough this weekend to feed "green chop" to the cows before we go into full-scale silage harvest mode next week. We will start with our corn and then move into our BMR sorghum varieties.

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