Monday, May 19, 2014

Spring silage harvest has begun

After making a few "test runs" over the weekend, we are now full-bore into our spring silage harvest. As per normal operating procedure, we will cut our wheat and ryegrass with a hay conditioner and chop it with the forage harvester (silage chopper) a few hours later. We plan on harvesting roughly 75 acres over the next week and a half, weather and equipment permitting. Following the harvest, we will turn our attention to planting sorghum and harvesting our first cutting of bermudagrass hay.

Our silage wagon is still topless after my little accident last Fall.

A dump truck will transport the freshly cut forage
to the silage pit where it will be packed and sealed.

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Benjamin Z. said...

Hello Will!

I'm delighted to have found another cow-blogger on the internet.
I run a dairy farm in northeastern Germany and also blogging about the everyday life in agriculture.
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