Monday, June 16, 2014

2014 Milk Mustache Contest - Opening round eliminations

The entry period for our annual Milk Mustache Contest is now closed, meaning it's time for you to pick our winner! Ten milk mustache photos have been selected for the "playoffs". We will feature two photos each day this week, and the photo receiving the most cumulative votes via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will advance to next week's championship bracket.

We will seed our five finalists based on their vote totals, and continue in the same manner (votes will be reset each round). Next Monday will be #2 vs #5, with #3 vs #4 on Tuesday. The two advancing finalists will join the #1 seed for a three-way championship final. Voting for these three photos will begin on Wednesday and remain open through Friday. The photo receiving the most votes over that time period will be declared the Gilmer Dairy Farm 2014 Milk Mustache Contest winner on Saturday, June 28.

First Round results:
6/16: Charlotte (96), Cora (53). 
6/17: Treyson (60), Charlie (50)
6/18: Rylee (47), Frances Tate (29)
6/19: Isaiah (27), Sammee (20)
6/20: Shelby (27), Paige & Jenna (12)

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