Saturday, June 29, 2019

Photos of the Week

Here are a few photos I snapped over the past few days that can help tell the story of what's been happening on the farm.

Monday morning we "worked" a group of 65 Holstein heifers and Angus-crossed calves. We ear tagged those that didn't yet have one and gave them their vaccination booster shots before moving them to a new pasture.

I didn't go looking for a beautiful sunset on Monday evening, but I found one while my son and I were trying to get a couple of loose steers back into their pasture. The milking herd gathered along the east side of their pasture to check out all the commotion and provided us with this photo opportunity.

The first half of the corn we planted this year has already tasseled. After a quick survey I'd say it's about seven feet tall on average, which is shorter than I would like. Our dry May really hurt the yield potential, but at least it looks like we will have a crop to harvest. Our later planted corn still has a good chance to make if we can get timely rain through the month of July.

The pearl millet we planted a couple of weeks ago is really starting to take off. 

We "dried off" Ms. Nosey and one other cow on Friday, leaving us going into the weekend with 178 cows in the milking herd. These two are expected to calve in mid/late-August.

Finally, we finished milking our cows this morning just in time for me to snap this photo of no. 603 chewing her cud as the sun rises above the horizon.

And if the photos weren't enough, here's a MooTube Minute recapping the week that was.

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