Monday, August 10, 2020

Harvest Update, 8/10/20

After getting off to a slow and stuttering start last week, today was the first really successful day of this year's corn silage harvest. All told, I covered ten acres in six hours and sent out 21 loads of silage. I'm happy with the yield, though the moisture content was a little low in some parts of the field. The recent hot and dry weather has started to take a toll on the more mature corn, but if I can keep my chopper in good working order I should be able to get it harvested before it dries down too far. Still, I'm keeping my fingers crosses for an evening rain shower to help it hold on a little longer.

As it stands, we have 21 acres worth of "hill ground" corn in the silage pit with roughly 52 more acres to go. Here are a couple of photos and a video from today's harvest.

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