Monday, September 24, 2007

A case of the Mondays

No matter what line of business a person is in, they usually complain that things never seem to go right on Monday. Today could have been a whole lot better if one thing that happened hadn't, and one thing that didn't happen would have (did you get all that?).

So, what bad thing did happen? Well, in a year like this year, every bale of hay is precious. With that in mind, Murphy's Law dictated that a group of springing heifers (in a pasture will more than adequate grass to graze) tore down a wall section of one of our haybarns and ruined about 15 bales of bermudagrass. With hay costing about $50 per bale...well, you can do the math.

The thing that didn't happen that we wished would have was, of course, rain. It just "felt" like a thunderstorm could come though the whole second half of the afternoon, but never did. We had a Farmers Federation directors meeting in Vernon tonight, and a half a mile from our farm we could see puddles on the side of the road. It even rained in Vernon during our meeting, but no such luck back home.

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