Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday's odds and ends

  • The Gilmer Dairy Farm.com front page has been slightly redesigned.
  • Fourteen yearlings decided to exit their pasture and explore the world sometime late last night or early this morning. We found them only about a quarter mile from where they should have been and put them in a pasture with some older heifers.
  • After some routine maintenance to our hay mowers, a couple of our employees spent most of the day cutting more signalgrass.
  • Our milking cows continue to enjoy the mild temperatures and cool breeze that blows late into the morning. They have started showing their "heats" due to the cooler weather.
  • Two specialists from Auburn University will be visiting with us on Wednesday. They would like us to plant about 10 acres of lupin, a forage legume, and ultimately harvest it as baleage in the spring.

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