Friday, May 30, 2008

Vacation time

All this running around this year has worn me out, so we're going to take off to the coast for a few days and get our batteries recharged. This will be only the second true vacation we've taken since our honeymoon five years ago, the other one being a three day trip to St. Louis back in May 2005. We've traveled a whole lot during that time period, but every other trip has been tied to a meeting or conference through the Alabama Farmers Federation or Dairy Farmers of America.

This trip is also going to serve as a test run for seeing how well our 2.5 year old will travel long distances. A few weeks from now, we'll be driving a little over 600 miles to a wedding near Dayton, Ohio, and from there to a meeting in Asheville, NC. By the time we get home, we'll have put around 1500 miles on the car in a week's time.

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