Saturday, May 24, 2008

Warm Weekend

Temps this weekend will be touching 90 degrees, with a lot of humidity in the air. It looks like summertime is just about here.

This past week has been fairly productive. We've "cleaned up" a couple of our hayfields and got a pretty fair crop of mature ryegrass/early bermudagrass hay. Thanks to favorable weather conditions, I was able to apply about 75,000 gallons of cow-generated liquid fertilizer to those fields to give them a kick-start. I'll hopefully be able to apply N-sol (32-0-0 liquid nitrogen fertilizer) to the bermudagrass on Monday or Tuesday to give it the rest of the nitrogen it needs.

Our window for planting silage corn is getting pretty small, and the bottom land where we've planned to grow it has still been too wet to work. We'll have to tear the ground to have any chance at all of drying it out enough to plant corn, and hopefully we can begin with that on Monday as well.+

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