Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another full day on the dairy farm

The morning has already gotten off to a pretty good start. Our monthly DHIA test was this morning, so our cows each had their milk production measured and sampled for quality. We'll clean and remove the milk meters first thing after breakfast and move the herd from their feeding area into a grazing paddock. Then it'll be off to the field!

I cut forage most of the day yesterday and will probably do so at least all morning. I finished cutting the rye early yesterday afternoon and moved into a ryegrass/tritcale mix. The new crop isn''t nearly as tall but is very thick and leafy, so it'll probably match the rye on tonnage and beat it on quality.

We should have all our employees here today, so we'll be able to continue harvesting while a couple of people get the cows milked. I'll probably be in the parlor this afternoon if I can cover alot of ground this morning. If that's the case, I'll rejoin the harvest effort sometime around 4:00pm and run for another 2-3 hours.

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