Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back on the Blog

The Dairyman's Blog returns today after a few days of inactivity. For some reason, sleep's been hard to come by at night around here and post-milking, pre-breakfast "blog time" has been replaced by "nap time" lately.

We're looking at a pretty cool day here on the farm. Overnight temps dropped down around the freezing mark and we're not supposed to get much over 50 degrees by mid-afternoon. We'll be cold again tonight before highs climb back into the 70's tomorrow. Rain possible for Thursday and Friday. And there's your weather, lets throw it back to the news desk.

I had hoped we would begin harvesting some of our spring forage this week, but it's looking doubtful. If the rain chances are knocked down a notch by tonight I'll probably pump down our captured nutrients and fertilize some of the milking herd's grazing land to stimulate some regrowth.

The cows are still holding daily production around 63 pounds each and are in really good condition. We only have 5 in our maternity pen right now, and only three heifer calves that haven't been weaned yet (which will happen later this week). We have a group of 18 breeding-sized heifers next to the barn that we're watching for natural heat, and so far we've bred six of them.

That's about all I have to report before heading back over to the dairy. Remember, you can learn more about life on Gilmer Dairy Farm from three other sources: our farm website, Facebook fan page, and Twitter.

Have a great day, and make sure that three servings of dairy products are part of it!

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