Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day, everyday!

While today might be the official celebration of Earth Day, America's farmers and ranchers are doing their part everyday to conserve resources and protect the environment. On our farm alone we've adopted cropping practices that have allowed us to grow more of our cows' feed while reducing erosion and using less inputs. We also have and continue to improve our nutrient management in such a way that it proves to be an economic and environmental asset as fertilizer and not a liability as waste.

Our farm and others across this country will continue to adapt and embrace new conservation practices and technologies. Doing so will better enable us to be good stewards of our land, while at the same time meeting the food, feed, fiber, and fuel needs of our growing population.

So enjoy and celebrate this Earth Day, and take comfort in knowing that America's farming and ranching families are celebrating Earth Day everyday!

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