Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's hot, but we're still farming!

As you can see by Accuweather.com's forecast on the left, it's going to be another HOT one here on our dairy farm. Looking at the extended forecast, we're not going to get much of a break, either. We should cool down to the mid-90's (yeah, BIG change) by the end of the week, and right now we have small window in which we might get some rain either Friday or Saturday.

Regardless of the terrible heat, dairy farming is a 365 day a year job so we'll be right out there in it doing the best we can. Our cows, fortunately, have been getting enough relief from the fans and sprinklers in our barns to keep from showing too many ill-effects of the heat. Sure, their milk production has dropped, but we have yet to see any health problems we can attribute directly to the heat. We are sending a half-dozen cows to the stockyard this morning (dairy cows provide beef, too!) and should be milking 194 this afternoon.

Our corn silage harvest continues and is hopefully nearing completion. We'll be servicing our harvesting equipment first thing this morning before moving it to the final 22-acre field remaining to be cut. A field that size could be harvested in just a few hours with the right equipment, but it'll take our 2-row chopper close to two full days to harvest the terraced, contoured field. Hopefully the old thing will hold together so we can be finish sometime tomorrow afternoon. Once we've finished with the corn we'll jump right into 50+ acres of bermudagrass that's ready to be made into hay.

If you would like to see our silage chopper in action, check out our latest MooTube Minute. Try to stay cool, and prayers for rain would be greatly appreciated!


Tracy Bentley said...

thanks for all you do!!

Diane Reed Loew said...

WOW - harvesting corn already - that is so strange - we are making our 3rd cutting of hay and corn is a long way off. Our electric bill spiked this month with all the fans and sprinklers too - I don't think the average consumer ever thinks about how the heat is affecting his milk. Thanks for sharing and educating. Hope you have an overabundant harvest this year.

Andrea said...

Just started following your dairy blog from up here in Minnesota - glad to hear your cows are weathering the heat! Thank you for the corn silage harvest video - very interesting - and, thank you for all of your hard work!