Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In the hayfield

Now that we have finished harvesting all of the cool-season forage crops we planted back in the fall, it's time to remove the volunteer ryegrass that sprouted this spring in our bermudagrass hayfields. I started mowing the the fields on Friday, and I expect we will have covered all 60 acres by mid-afternoon.  We'll hook up the rake and baler tomorrow morning and should be able to roll up a third of it before trying to knock out the rest on Thursday and Friday.

We're really not expecting a big yield or high nutritional quality out of the ryegrass, but it has to come off before we can fertilize our bermudagrass. If all goes well, we'll get the bales hauled out quickly and have fertilizer spread next week. Depending on the weather, we'll hopefully be looking at harvesting good bermudagrass hay in mid-to-late June.

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Andrew Frankenfield said...

I had the same view all day yesterday mowing cereal rye for straw. We have the same discbine, Gehl 2345