Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: planting corn


Jason said...

Beats the way I do it - furrow with hoe, drop in the seed, cover it up with foot. Of course, I am not planting acres of it :)

I could eat acres of it though!

Unknown said...

Ours looks kind of like that x 4! Good luck! (I'm thinking we plant more corn than you do!) ;-)

Paul said...

hey! Where are the lids? Where is the driver? Looks just like my 4 row.

Will Gilmer said...

@Jason, My great-grandfather used to plant that field with a team of mules. My way is a little bit faster (and easier).

@Lana: Yeah, your planter may be 4x larger than ours, but I think your acreage is closer to 10x more than ours!

@Paul The lids won't stay snapped onto the hoppers anymore so we lay empty seed sacks on top of the corn. As for the driver, he climbed out of the cab to take this photo.