Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Good clothes in the milking barn?

staying clean = boring
My wife dropped my son off at the dairy after school dismissed this afternoon, but she didn't bring a change of clothes for him. So there he was, wearing good jeans, a white shirt (white!), and his tennis shoes.  In an effort to keep him as clean as possible, I brought a short bucket into the parlor and told him to sit on it. We were going to be milking cows for another hour-and-a-half once he got there, and I knew there was no way he would stay on that bucket for that long. But, the longer he stayed seated the less chance he would have of returning home with a greenish-brown manure stain on his clothes.

Two mintues later he was up roaming all around the parlor. Predictably, he was sporting manure splatters on his clothes in no time. Did it bother him? Of course not...he's just a typical farm kid! He enjoyed "helping" us in the barn without a care about the foreign materials that occasionally landed on him.

Now that the day is over, one question remains: who gets to do the laundry?

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Unknown said...

Hey! My logic applies here! " There's a reason why they invented shower stalls... and Tide Pens! "

The day will come when both of you will wish you could watch him come inside from the barn, wearing good clothes gone to the splats, again. It goes by way too soon, Hon. Enjoy it!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!