Thursday, April 14, 2016

Farm photos by Cameron Carnes

Checking Twitter while milking cows.
photo: Cameron Carnes
Birmingham-area documentary photographer Cameron Carnes spent a few hours with us last Wednesday to take pictures of our farm, our cows, and of us milking our cows. Cameron is currently working on a project to photograph how and where food is grown and raised in Alabama, and we were happy to provide him the opportunity to learn a little bit more about where the milk he drinks originates.

You can view an online photo gallery from Cameron's day on Gilmer Dairy Farm on his website.


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Those are great pictures! You take awesome ones, too, but I'm sure it's nice for you to see the farm from someone else's perspective. :-)

Will Gilmer said...

Thanks, and's quite nice to see what a professional photographer can around our place!

Andy Mooers said...

Love the farm photos!