Thursday, April 21, 2016

Making baleage

The first 50 acres of our corn silage crop has been planted, and now we turn our attention to the ryegrass that occupies the next 100 acres of corn ground. 

Yesterday we rolled-up and wrapped 72 bales of ryegrass that had been mowed in an 11-acre field on Monday afternoon. We will move the baleage from the field to a storage area later today. The weather forecast likely means we will not try to harvest anymore this week, but I anticipate mowing several acres over the weekend in order to resume baling and wrapping on Monday. 

The baleage shoud be properly ensiled and ready to feed our milking herd in 6-8 weeks. Once it is ready, we will begin mixing it with last year's corn silage in our cows' daily feed ration.

ryegrass baleage ready to be moved out of the field

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