Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A hot week behind, a hot week ahead

Today will be at least the fifth day in a row to hit triple digits on the thermometer, and we probably won't see a high below 100 until this weekend. The heat index continues to float between 105-110, making it tough on all of us who work outdoors for a living. And, of course, there is no significant chance of rain anywhere on the horizon.

We'll be getting our corn cutting equipment prepared this morning, and could begin chopping silage as early as this afternoon. We'll be starting in a field that hasn't made much corn due to the drought, and we'll actually only harvest part of it as silage. The rest we'll cut and bale for hay.

On average, our cows are each giving around 55 pounds of milk each day. We're also milking more cows right now (193) than we ever have during this part of summer.

Well, it's time to cook my sausage and egg and head on out into heat. Think about me while you're enjoying the air conditioning today!

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