Friday, August 17, 2007


Our long, dry spell was broken early this morning about 2:15 as a thunderstorm developed and dropped about a half inch of rain on our farm. This obviously isn't a drought-breaker, but it should give a definite kick-start to our bermudagrass and sudex crops. We've got a fair chance of getting another shower before tomorrow morning before the clouds clear back out.

My dad will start cutting our corn down in Yellow Creek bottom this morning. The 45 acres we planted down there probably didn't reach much more than 45% of the yield potential, but the corn is in tremendously better shape than any of the "hill corn" we've harvested.

Our cows continue to chug right along despite the heat. In fact, when the milk truck picked up our load on Wednesday we had just over a thousand pounds of more milk than we did the previous time.

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