Monday, August 27, 2007

The week ahead

I don't think we'll run out of things to do this coming week. If all goes as planned (though it seldom does):
  • We should finish chopping our corn this afternoon. That means spending time tomorrow covering our silage pit. If not, we'll be busy fixing another breakdown.
  • We're due to weigh milk this week, if we can get our schedule coordinated with the tester.
  • We need to rebuild a few fences, especially one around the pond in our milk cow pasture.
  • A pretty fair stand of signalgrass has come up in our wheat fields, and would make good hay. We'll work towards cutting and baling it if they knock back the rain chances (we'll gladly take the rain, though).
  • Speaking of wheat, Dad and I will start deciding how many acres of wheat, oats, and ryegrass we'll need to plant in a few weeks, as well as the fertilizer and tillage requirements.
  • I need to spray some herbicide in a few places and kill weeds.
  • Nights this week will also be busy, as we've got a service at our church tonight, our county's Farmers Federation's annual meeting Tuesday night, we'll go watch our beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs take their annual beating from LSU on Thursday, and then Friday I believe our hometown high school will open their football season at home.

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