Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you ladies out there, and especially to all you farm moms.  Whether or not you have a direct role in "day-to-day" farm responsibilities, farms couldn't function without the love and support you provide.  Our farm is no different, so I'd like to say a big "thank you" and recognize the moms who have and continue to keep Gilmer Dairy Farm rolling right along:

Mama G



Thank you and Happy Mothers Day to Mama G, Grandmama (my mom's farm mom), Mom, & Joni...I love you all!!!

And, of course, I'd also like to wish a Happy Mothers Day as well to the 200+ milking mama cows on the farm!
the herd enjoys their Mothers Day brunch at the Ryegrass Buffet.
Have a "dairy" good Mothers Day!


Anonymous said...

So cool you get your family all there with you on the farm! I hope all the mamas at GDF (human and bovine) have a great one!

Steph said...

Thanks for following my blog! Are you related to any Gilmers in Calhoun County? My maiden name is Gilmer and thats where I'm originally from. I actually have a cousin in Ohatchee named Will Gilmer too, lol. Just wondering cause Gilmer isn't a very common name!

Unknown said...

Thanks! We all have to work together to make things on the farm run smoothly! Sometimes, though, I wish Mother's Day was in January! ;-) Still waiting for my farmer to come in from the fields, and it's 10:44 Mitch-time (that's our governor who moved Indiana to EST!) I want my old time back!

Will Gilmer said...

It wouldn't surprise me if we're related somehow through my great-great-grandfather (John Thompson Gilmer) or my g-g-g-grandfather (Archibald Gilmer). They both had lots of children and a good number of them moved to central & east Alabama.