Monday, December 29, 2008

A beautiful morning

The sun has risen, the sky is a light shade of blue, and it's a beautiful morning here in northwest Alabama. We're starting off a little cool but it should warm up nicely through the day. And this is the type of weather we expect for the next few days. Hopefully, things will have dried out enough by mid-week to allow us to have fertilizer applied to our cool-season forages.

I'll be running around Gilmer Dairy Farm this morning on our Ford 6600 distributing hay bales to our heifers and dry cows. We were blessed this past summer to have a very good hay crop (quality and quantity) and I expect we'll be able to make it through the winter without having to purchase any additional forages.

Barring any unforeseen, out-of-the ordinary problems (we're always having unforeseen, ordinary problems), I think I'm really going to enjoy working today. I hope you have a great Monday as well.

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