Friday, December 19, 2008

Worn slap out

Frequent readers of the DmB will have noticed that I've not posted anything over the last few days. The reason is, quite simply, that I've been "worn slap out". I've tried to post a couple of times, but have literally dozed off in my office chair while trying to put a post together.

So, why am I in such a sorry state?

It all begins with the Alabama Farmers Federation Annual Meeting in Mobile nearly two weeks ago. I left the farm Friday morning and got back Tuesday evening. The four nights I was there I stayed up late talking to folks and really got off of my normal sleep schedule. Once I got home, it took about three days to re-adjust myself.

Then comes this past weekend. Dad and I and one of our employees were supposed to handle all the work. Saturday went off without a hitch, but when 3am Sunday morning rolled around it was just dad and I in the milking barn. Our employee had no-showed, something that was becoming a weekend habit with him. Typically on the weekends, two people will milk while the other puts out the feed for the cows and heifers. When someone's not there it really slows things down, so Dad and I were later than normal coming in for breakfast and I didn't get a chance for a much needed nap prior to Sunday School. It was just the two of us again that afternoon, as we terminated the services of the aforementioned employee when he came in with another poorly conceived excuse (he once claimed that he had to go to court despite it being a federal holiday).

So, we put in a couple of extra hours on Sunday, but I figured things wouldn't be too bad during the week. Then came the phone call at 2:15 Monday morning. My sister had gone into labor and my folks were heading down to Hattiesburg for the birth of their first granddaughter. So, my work day continued to begin at 3am through Wednesday and we spent the first three days of the week two men down.

It's Friday morning now and I'm feeling a little better after two mornings of not reporting until 5am. I shouldn't have to put in as much work this coming weekend and will be going down to visit my sister's family on Monday, so hopefully I'll get a good chance to recharge my batteries.

Such is the life of a dairy farmer.

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