Saturday, December 13, 2008

Farm update

After 7+ inches of rain from Tuesday night through Thursday afternoon, the weather is starting to improve. Of course, after that much rain things will be sloppy for a little while. There's another chance of rain first part of the week, but hopefully it will be minimal or none at all.

We were visited Friday morning by the outstanding veterinarian (and Dairyman's Blog reader), Dr. David Hidalgo of Amory Animal Hospital. He checked the general and reproductive health of some of our cows and performed a hernia surgery on one of our heifer calves.

We did change up our TMR this week, substituting sorghum silage and wheat baleage for the sudex and ryegrass baleage we were using. Despite the nasty weather we've had, I think they are beginning to respond and produce a little more milk.

We've added several new cows over the past few days and now stand at 205. And most of the heifers that have calved in over the last two weeks are flat-out getting after it. The future looks bright for most of those girls!

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