Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lots of new cows

Since about 3:00pm yesterday, we've had seven heifers give birth to their first calves (and are thereby now classified as "cows"). Of those, we've only had to assist with one delivery (4:00am). There were also two that had just started going into labor before we finished milking this morning, and at least two more I think will probably start before the end of the morning. I'll check them all again in about an hour. Everything appeared to be progressing as it should with the two currently in labor, but we'll probably go ahead and assist delivery to take the pressure off of them if they haven't had the calves by the time we get back.

While it's very unusual for us to have so many calves in one day, it's not a record. We had 13 born over a 24-hr. period a couple of years ago. At least this time it's not raining like it was that day!

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