Thursday, August 13, 2009

Driveby entertainment

Sometime around mid-morning I was backing a tractor alongside the road in front of the farm when I noticed an oncoming car beginning to slow down. I started to throttle down as I saw the car continue to slow and the passenger window start to roll down.

"This guy's lost," I thought to myself because it's not unusual for people to stop and ask directions in rural Lamar County. Turns out this wasn't the case.

The man pulled onto the shoulder between the blacktop and my tractor as I killed the engine. Before I could ask if I could help him, he pointed to his two young grandsons in the back seat and said that they loved riding by our farm so they could see the cows and tractors. I waved at them and they grinned and waved back as the man pulled back onto the road and drove away.

It's kind of neat knowing that some people get enjoyment from catching brief glimpses of our day-to-day routine as they ride by our farm. It's also means I probably should start keeping the place a little more presentable! But seriously, it just goes to show there's something special about farming that can catch the interest and imagination more so than many other businesses.

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