Thursday, August 27, 2009

Videos from the Hayfield

What happens when you take a dairy farmer out of the milking barn and put him in the hayfield? If he's armed with an over-active imagination and a camera phone, he might make a few short videos for you. The following range from informative to ridiculous, so sit back, enjoy, and share these cinematic masterpieces with your friends!

First up, find out how we roll (hay) at Gilmer Dairy Farm.

Next, I share a PSA-type thought with you.

Occasionally I'll drift into deep thought and come out with a very deep, very profound truth.

It's always a good idea to sing at the end of a job, though not necessarily on camera. This one is completely ridiculous, but doesn't hurt to have a little fun at your own expense every now and then.


Joyce Guy said...

Sing your heart out...I loved it....made me think of my daddy and his old tractor...God bless you for sharing this with us...
I am an Oklahoma gal....Dad was raised in WEstern Ok on a peanut and cotton farm...only had a 6th grade education but he evolved to work for OU and did the mowing and foot ball diamonds...for OU...for 26 Go for the songs....we need more Joy!
Thanks for sharing Joyce Guy

Jennifer at PVDairy said...

Great videos!! Like to see how they do it down south! Good PSA's too!! Drink more Milk!!