Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In the hayfield, in the news

This week we're going to be hitting it hard in the hayfield. Right now we have 70 acres of bermudagrass on the ground waiting to be rolled up for hay. The lower temperatures over the weekend made our lives a little more comfortable, but the cut grass didn't dry down as well. We'll have to ted, or fluff, the hay to help dry it out. Half of it was tedded yesterday afternoon and we plan on doing the rest today. Our plan is to rake and bale at least 20 acres of it this afternoon, but as we know all too well plans sometimes get changed on a dairy farm. If all goes well, we should have all of the hay baled by the end of Thursday.

I've gotta get back over to the farm, so I'll leave you with a couple of links. There are two articles about our family farm that have recently been published online: One from The West Alabama Gazette and one from the Daily Mountain Eagle.

Have a great day!

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