Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Busted by a 3 year old

A few minutes past 5pm, a little girl knocked on our front door. I was expecting to get hit up to buy some Girl Scout cookies, but instead her parents had sent her up to my door to let me know that we had cows out.

I loaded Linton, my 3 year old son, into the truck, called and told my dad the news, and started heading down the road. Dad and I met up, found a set of tracks, and headed in different directions. A couple of minutes later, I saw two rogue heifers walk out onto the road from a cut-over. I got around them and started steering them down the road towards the nearest pasture gate, when "A Good Hearted Woman" started playing on my phone. It was my wife calling to ask me about purchasing a new baby stroller for our upcoming family addition. Somewhat exasperated, I told her we were chasing cows and just do what she wanted to do. As we were saying goodbye, the heifers did a 180 and turned back in the other direction. As I hung up the phone, I mumbled something under my breath that sounded a lot like "crammit". My little backseat passenger said, "Daddy, that's a bad word! You have to use good manners with the cows! You have to say 'Sook, sook, sook'. The cows want good manners, not bad words."

I had been busted, and over the next five minutes Linton lectured me on good manners.

I managed to get the heifers headed down a different road and back towards the pasture they were supposed to be in while he was correcting me. Dad met up with us and soon the heifers were back where they belong.

We're back at home now, and I'm about to make our supper. I'm hoping Linton doesn't tattle-tale on me when Joni gets home or else I'll get the lecture a second time.

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Anonymous said...

That is to funny Will to get busted by your 3 year old he sounds like he is going to be an awesome lecturer!!