Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A late finish and an early start tomorrow

We got a good bit accomplished today, I'd say. We sorted a group of dry cows, spent some quality time cleaning out our shop building, distributed some hay, and of course fed all of our animals and milked our cows. We wrapped up about 4:00pm and I came on home. Since that time, I've swapped a bed in our house for a bed out in storage, helped my parents get a new tv into their house, harvested a deer, ate a couple of hotdogs, an worked on my portion of the presentation I'll be apart of on Sunday (see post "San Antonio Bound").

So, writing this post will be my last act before hitting the bed, save for brushing my teeth and saying my prayers. And I should have already been there, especially considering I've got a 3am appointment to weigh the milk of 218 cows.

Perhaps I'll get a good sleep in. Regardless, I'll do my best to find something interesting around the farm to blog about tomorrow.

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