Sunday, January 11, 2009

Live from San Antonio

The Dairyman's Blog is coming to you live from San Antonio.

I arrived at 6:00pm yesterday evening, though I should have been here at 10:30am. What was the problem? I committed the cardnal sin of dairy farming...I overslept. I had to leave my house by 4:00am to get to the airport in time, but either forgot to turn on my alarm or was so out of it when it went off that I unconciously rolled out of bed, turned it off, and got back in bed. Either way, I woke up at 4:31 and acted pretty much like a wild man for the next few minutes trying to stuff everything I could in a suitcase and take off. My wife calmly talked me into slowing down and settling for a later flight. So I did and now here I am.

I just finished giving the presentation I came down here for. I really enjoyed sharing the stage and listening to Chris Chinn and Michelle Ganci give their presentations, and I'm very appreciative to Don Lipton of AFBF and everyone else connected to the event that gave me the opportunity to participate. We all received alot of positive feedback, but the real measuring stick of our effectiveness will be determined by how many in our audience are willing to step up and tell their own personal stories about how they care for their farm animals. We've all got a great story to tell, and it's critical that we all go out and share it.

I'll be flying back home tomorrow, and will be back in the dairy swing of things on Tuesday. To end this post, allow me to plug the following:
  • visit (often), bookmark, and share with everyone in your address book
  • do the exact same thing with this blog, and leave feedback via the "response" check boxes, email, or comments

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and my farm website, and have a great week.

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