Friday, January 16, 2009

Global Warming? Not in Lamar County

It was pretty doggone cold in the milking parlor this morning, but we were able to get the cows milked with minimal problems. All systems were "go" with the exception of the four drop hoses we use to wash off milkers, cows, etc. Apparently they didn't drain out completely before they froze yesterday evening. First thing after breakfast we're going to go back and scrub the units in hot water and get the system wash going. We'll have to drain everything out as soon as its finished because it's not supposed to get above freezing today.

Now I realize that people up north who have to deal with harsh winters are probably rolling their eyes at this story, especially considering the is a season-long reality for many of them. All I can say is that I admire their ability to farm consistently in this type of weather, especially those in animal agriculture. Many hours spent out in the snow and wind while others are piled up with their families in front of a fireplace just goes to show the dedication they have to making sure their livestock is well taken care of and that America has plenty of safe food year-round.

Cold-climate farmers, my hat (or my toboggan as the case was this morning) goes off to you.

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