Monday, January 12, 2009

Too Cold at Home

I'm home from San Antonio and ready to get back in the swing of things tomorrow morning. One thing's for sure, it's a bit cooler here now than when I left a couple of days ago. But the real cold is yet to get here, as the local tv station said we could be seeing Friday morning lows around 5 degrees. Now, that's nothing compared to what a lot of folks up north consistently deal with this time of year, but that's pretty extreme for those of us in the southeast. We'll do the best we can to prepare for it and make it through it, but I'm certainly not looking forward to it.

There are a couple of news releases about the presentation I was a part of yesterday, and here are the links if you are interested:


Anonymous said...

Looks like you did good at San Antonio, To be effective, as you noted, ALL agriculture needs to get involved, Blogging and posting rebuttals to some of the rather biased material is a start, we can begin at the grassroots and bring our various organizations into the effort. It would be really good for female writers to post blogs and write pieces for local news outlets and indeed iif some could contribute to Ladie's magazines it would be very strong. Urban folks think we are old (I am, sorry) male, redneck and uneducated. It would be good for professional females involved in agriculture/animal husbandry to weigh in.
THere will be a meeting of various stakeholders in two weeks in an atempt to organize a national pan-animal agriculture effort to counter the assaults against us

Will Gilmer said...

No doubt we've got our work cut out for us, and we need to be telling our stories across the whole media spectrum as well as taking the time to have conversations with individuals and groups at a local level.

I think an industry-wide, coordinated effort is just what the doctor ordered. We've got the best story (it's accurate, too!), it's just a matter of getting out there and sharing it.