Friday, February 20, 2009

Ask a farmer

All across this nation, America's farmers are working hard to ensure that our citizens have the safest, most affordable, most readily available food supply in the world. Unfortunately, our methods of production come under attack from various special interest groups who claim that the ends don't justify the means. This puts the vast majority of Americans somewhere in the middle, listening to two very different stories from people with two very different viewpoints.

There's a seemingly unending list of websites and blogs you could visit to read thoughts, commentary, and "facts" about why modern agriculture is bad for you, bad for our society, and bad for our planet. While I'm sure that some (but definitely not all) of the folks behind these ideas are good, well-intentioned people, they simply don't have the same real-world viewpoint that someone with dirt under their fingernails and manure on their boots has about these issues.

Auto mechanics aren't asked to mastermind military strategy...generals are. Lawyers aren't qualified to perform heart surgery...doctors are. Celebrities aren't experts on modern food are.

At some point in the coming months and years, you will likely be asked to sign a petition, cast a vote, or in some way make a decision that will have an effect on the way America's farmers produce your food. Please take the time to get a farmer's perspective before making your choice. If you're willing to listen and consider our side of the story, I'm pretty confident you'll agree that we're taking good care of you while also being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.

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