Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random bits of farm info

I spent most of the morning cleaning and servicing equipment. Nothing exciting, but necessary. I split time this afternoon between milking cows and moving hay.

We have taken our 40 lowest producers off the TMR and are feeding them a reduced amount of grain and all the dry hay they can possibly eat.

Our milk shipment was down about 500 pounds (0.75lbs/cow/day), but they seemed to be hitting it pretty hard this afternoon.

Speaking of milk, the price we received on yesterday's paycheck was absolutely abysmal. We were expecting it, but expecting it really doesn't soften the blow. We're expecting poor prices for the next several months. For those of you outside the dairy biz who aren't familiar with cwt pricing, farmers are getting about 95cents per gallon of skim milk.

I'll feed the cows about 5:00am tomorrow morning and will call it quits for the work week. We're heading down to Montgomery for the Young Farmers Leadership Conference and will be back on the farm sometime Sunday.

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