Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Live from the Lamar Co. Extension Service Center

I'm blogging live from the Lamar Co. Extension Service Center in Vernon, Alabama, where I have my laptop plugged in to the myDairy Advocates Webinar.
I just did my part of it and I hope it didn't come through too scatterbrained. I ran off and left my notes at home, so I wasn't nearly as smooth as I needed to be. Hopefully I got my point across, though.
Overall, there's been some really good information presented, and I think it's definitely going to help improve this blog. It's also going to help me coordinate Gilmer Dairy Farm's internet presence through this blog, our website, our Facebook page, and other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube (as soon as I get broadband). It should be an interesting next few months as I try to implement some of these improvements/strategies.


Anonymous said...

You did great. I'm going to add our link to my blog ( in the producer showcase section unless you're not O.K. with that. And once you get the hang of the other social media tools, you'll probably find they are great ways to be efficient.

Will Gilmer said...

I'd certainly appreciate the link!